Interested in learning to fly?

Contact one of our flight instructors and set up a reservation to take a Demo flight. Go to reservations section and complete your inquiry to Travis Walcznski in the Cessna 172 or Jabiru (LSA).  From there you will be contacted and directed to either Travis, Stan or Ray Xanders or one of our other top, professional, experienced flight instructors! Hope to hear from you soon!

Meet our Certified Flight Instructors

Jay Grafton (on left, lol)

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Jay has been a friend for a long time and has always played a role as member of “Team MVN”, however has recently become dedicated full time as a member of SRT and “Team Mt. Vernon” family.  He is flying both GA and LSA aircraft and joins our team of other instructors to allow us to maintain our quality, friendly and professional staff and flight department.

We are very lucky and happy to have Jay with us!

Jay’s contact information:

Phone: 618-246-6175


Stan Blank

Stan has been part of the SRT family for some time as a LSA Instructor. Stan is a stand up man and one whom takes pride in everything he does. With years of teaching behind him, Stan is a man of his word, honor, and professionalism.  We all all blessed to have him on our team. 

Stan’s contact information:

Phone: 618-315-1496



Tyson Rush

Tyson has been part of the SRT family for just a short while now as a Part 91 and as an LSA Instructor. Tyson has fit right into the SRT standard and is a stand-up guy.  He has hit the ground (sky) running and has already made an impact at KMVN. We all all blessed to have him on our team and look forward to what he brings to the future. 

Tyson’s contact information:

Phone: 309-371-8967



Ray Xanders

Ray has been part of the SRT family from almost the start. Our most seasoned veteran is also our busiest. Ray is always ready to help if he can. Ray is a large part of our team and we are blessed to have him. 

Ray’s contact information:

Phone: 618-919-1219



Contact Jay, Travis, Ray, or Stan  Today and Happy Flying!