The winter months are amoungst us and now is when many wish to get things done while weather keeps the aircraft from flying. We are happy to have added to our SRT Maintenance team to accommodate your maintenance and ADSB needs. We would be very happy to provide you an estimate and do whatever we can to help you with your aircraft. We look forward  to meeting you and accommodating you.   

The Importance of Dynamic Propeller Balancing

Balancing your aircraft propeller increases the life of your engine, improves performance, reduces vibration and saves maintenance dollars. An unbalanced propeller system, including spinner assembly, can cause vibration that is detectable through testing or even in-cabin by the flight crew. While annoying, the noise and movement transmitted by these vibrations are the least of the problems that can manifest. Numerous minor issues, such as cracked sheet metal, persistent avionics failures, thrown belts, and excessive light bulb failures, can be corrected by balancing. Catastrophic damage to the engine power train and other dynamic components can also occur if the imbalance isn’t addressed properly.


Let’s discuss your ADSB OUT or IN needs before it’s too late

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SRT is Proud to Announce we are now dealers for Tru Trak Autopilots, Stratus & Freeflight Systems



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 Let us assist you with your ADSB and other Avionics upgrades!



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